Wood is a material that has been used throughout the millennia, but it is no longer a very common material for roofing, even though it definitely is one of the more appealing in appearance. No two wood roofs will look the same due to the many varying attributes of the wood that makes up the roof.

Wood does have a few downsides compared to other materials. It does have a shorter lifespan than most other roofing materials, and it also requires more maintenance.

Installation of a wood roof can be somewhat complicated, and a poor installation job can make its lifespan even shorter.

Wood in its natural state is also flammable, and this means that it needs to be treated with a flame retardant. The effectiveness of this will, however, diminish over time.

On the plus side, wood will allow your home to breathe, while at the same time offer good insulation.

As with any major decision, you will need to weigh the pros against the cons before deciding to install wood roofing on your home.

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