In some areas of the country, heavy winds are a concern, and this is especially so if your home is located in an open area. Heavy winds can make it uncomfortable to be outside, but it could also do damage to your home.

One solution for this problem is to plant a row of trees as a windbreak. This might seem like a very long-term solution, but if planned out well and executed correctly, you can expect fairly quick results as well as long lasting benefits.

The purpose of a windbreak is to prevent those heavy winds from building up over a long distance. It can be placed so that the wind is diverted over your house or at least reduce the wind speed.

To get quick results, you can place a row of fast growing trees next to a row of slower growing trees that will eventually be large enough to have an impact on their own. To get the best effect of a windbreak, it needs to be a distance of about 3-5 times the height of your home away. It is also important that you plant trees that don’t lose their leaves in the winter time, since they will not serve their purpose without them.

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