Your home’s exterior is continuously exposed to climate changes and the elements, and this means that it needs regular maintenance and inspection to prolong its life.

You should take full advantage of your your home inspector’s presence as they can point out any exterior maintenance issues that need immediate attention. They can give you an explanation of why it happened and provide you with maintenance tips. Your home inspector’s advice is beneficial for buyers who are not familiar with home maintenance.

It would be best to accompany your inspector during the inspection of your home’s exterior to discuss the issues and remedies. Your presence is important in the inspection process to avoid surprises when you read the report.

The condition and type of all exterior cladding must be checked and assessed in the inspection process. Signs of possible issues like popped nails or swelling will present the buyers with problems that need immediate repair. Skipping inspection and repair might cause premature deterioration that can make the problem worse over time.

Insulated doors and windows are also part of the exterior inspection. However, to assess functionality and efficiency, they are also inspected inside.

Wood damage accelerates very quickly. Wood trim, soffits, and fascias are vulnerable to heat, rain, and wind. Once window sills are damaged, they can allow water to enter, which causes structural damage. Your home inspector will also check other non-wood trim like vinyl and metal for any damages. Poor workmanship usually causes future maintenance issues.

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