A beautiful view can often be ruined by streaks or marks on the window you’re looking through. While you can hire specialized window cleaning services, most window marks can easily be cleaned in a few minutes without the need for special equipment.

To get started you will need:

  1. A cleaning solution
  2. A microfibre cloth or just a paper towel

When it comes to choosing a cleaning solution, make sure it is not ammonia or alcohol-based, as those solutions actually just attract dust over time. Rather use acetone or rubbing alcohol, which can both remove even tougher marks!

Once you’ve chosen a cleaning solution, start by applying a small amount of the solution to your chosen wipe. Then gently rub the wipe over the mark in different directions, and then dry the surface as soon as the marks appear to be removed to avoid leaving streaks. For particularly stubborn marks, you can apply more solution, or rub more firmly. But no matter how tough a mark is to remove, never use any sharp or hard objects to scrape them off, as it can cause permanent damage to the glass surface.

Now you can enjoy more light and a clear view, connecting you with the outdoors.