Rats and other rodents can do a lot of damage to your home. Rodents can damage your electrical wiring, pipes, and insulation. Besides structural damage, rodents will also bring potential health risks. For example, they can carry hantavirus through their urine and droppings.

Check out these steps to prevent rodents from entering your house:

Don’t let them enter the house!

Holes and cracks in the exterior of your house need to be taken care of immediately. Do not ignore small holes because a rat can squeeze through them or even make them wider. Seal those holes as soon as possible to prevent rodents from entering your home and causing any damage.

Trim back trees

Rodents can make their way through your home by using tree branches as a bridge. Clear away those branches that are touching or close to your home. Refrain from placing debris or firewood close to your exterior walls to avoid attracting rodents by providing them with a hiding place. 

Protect your food

Keep your food storage secure from rodents. Avoid having your food contaminated by rodents by storing them in a secure place without any holes or leaving them out uncovered.

Dispose of your waste and compost properly.

Rodents will feast on an open trash can. Keep all outdoor trash cans appropriately sealed to avoid attracting rodents. Do not let the rodents enter your attic or chimneys to look for a free meal.

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