There are a few different things that can cause surges in your electrical system. It could be caused by your electrical company during power grid switching, it could be from large appliances turning on and off in your home, or it could be from lightning strikes. Whatever the cause, the effect could be very serious damage to your electronic devices. To protect your valuable electronics, investing in a quality surge protector is worthwhile.

A surge protector is made to keep your electronics from getting damaged by surges. Usually, you will see a light indicating that the surge protector is working. If the light goes out or flickers, it is time to get a new surge protector. Your average surge protector will only protect you from a few surges until it stops being effective. It will, however, not function properly without being connected to a grounded outlet.

Sometimes, you will find a warranty listed on the surge protector that lists the dollar amount covered. These warranties are not always easy to claim, however. It all depends on which company manufactured the surge protector.