Metal roofs are very durable, and will last twice as long as an asphalt or wood roof. They are usually made from steel or aluminium and provide excellent protection from the elements if installed properly.The main downside is that metal roofs are more costly than other materials. Some might be reluctant to get a metal roof thinking that the noise level will be higher, but if the roof has solid sheathing, this is not the case. In fact, the noise level should be about the same as any other roofing material.

Steel roofing needs to be galvanized by application of a zinc coating to protect it from corrosion.

If you live in an area where there are wildfires, burning embers falling on the roof won’t be a risk.

Some metal roofing comes with a guarantee it won’t dent, but this is something that is a possibility in a hail storm or if tree branches fall on your roof. Copper and aluminium roofs are more likely to be dented than those made out of steel since those are softer materials.

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