A proper home inspection is vital for your big investment when you are buying a home. Partnering up with the right home inspector is important, but you also have responsibilities to make sure that the home inspection is successful.

Here’s a list of common mistakes to avoid:

Not being present for the Home Inspection

  • There are many benefits to being present for the home inspection. This should give you an upfront visual of the issues discovered by your home inspector. You might assume that the issue is minor if you didn’t see it. However, spending the time and effort of being there will help you avoid major repairs in the future.

Newly constructed homes also need inspections.

  • Just because you are buying a newly constructed home, doesn’t mean you won’t find any issues. It’s commonly overlooked because buyers think it is already in good shape since it is brand new.

Not doing the research to find the best home inspector.

  • Choosing the right home inspector is like selecting the perfect doctor for yourself. Remind yourself that you’re choosing an inspector for a significant investment. Choose someone thorough, trustworthy, and an expert in the field.

Ignoring Home Inspector’s Recommendations

  • Many home buyers ignore the home inspector’s recommendations after an inspection. They often will suggest you get an issue taken care of, but buyers tend to wait and eventually forget about it.
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