Doors – We often don’t pay much attention to them, even though we step through doorways more times than we can count every day. Installing a door correctly is a complicated job, and a failed installation can be unsightly, and even dangerous.

Even though the door might come with a manufacturer’s warranty, incorrect installation will void that warranty.

In the end, improper installation can result in warped, misaligned or malfunctioning doorways.

Proper door installment begins with the frame. It needs to be firmly attached, square, plumb, and properly aligned. The door hinges must line up and be fastened with screws that are sufficient size and length. Once the door is installed they will undergo shear forces that will affect them if they are not secured.

The door finish is also an issue that could cause your doors warranty to be voided. Unless all six edges are finished, it can absorb moisture, causing the wood to swell and make it so the door will stick.

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