Cooling your home in the summertime can be very costly, especially if the sun is beating down on your roof. One way in which you could save up to 10% on your cooling bills is by using trees planted in strategic positions.

Trees work in a twofold way to lower the temperature of your home. They release water vapor into the surrounding air, which helps cool it down, and they provide shade so that the full light of the sun hits your home.

It is important to select the right type of trees if you are to benefit from this without any major downsides. Fast growing trees will give you cover quickly, but they come with many risks. That type of trees is much more likely to suffer from an insect infestation, which could in turn spread to your home. They are also much more likely to be damaged by storms or droughts, which could easily kill them. In general, fast growing trees also have a shorter lifespan.

To give the best protection from the worst of the sun’s heat, you should plant your trees on the west or south side of your house, and fairly close, so that the shade will be able to cover as much of your house as possible.