When you have to get outside in the rain, do you use an umbrella? Many of us would, mostly because we don’t want to be wet. Did you know though, that while you’re uncomfortable when you get wet, your home is likely to suffer much worse if it gets wet? Of course, we’re not saying that you need an umbrella for your home, but your roof and walls should keep water from doing damage to your home. The problem is that there are some things that are meant to protect your home that homeowners might remove because they don’t understand their purpose.

One such item is kickout flashing. At first glance, it might look like kickout flashing is either in the wrong spot, useless or bent, but that is probably not the case. Kickout flashing is meant to push water away from sensitive spots of your home so that it doesn’t intrude.

If you suspect that your kickout flashing has been removed by a previous owner, or maybe you removed it yourself by mistake, you should make sure that it is installed again as soon as possible.