What child doesn’t love jumping on a trampoline? Trampolines can be found fairly cheaply, basic models costing around $200. However, there are quite a few risks with trampolines that parents need to consider. There are hundreds of thousands of accidents involving trampolines every year in the US alone. Many of these are due to people hitting each other when two or more are on the trampoline together.

Children should not be allowed on a trampoline without oversight, and even when they are watched, there should be a protection around the trampoline to keep them from falling off. A trampoline without netting around it poses a great risk, since a mistake could send your children bouncing in the wrong direction, hitting the ground hard.

Teach your children not to jump off of anything onto a trampoline. Many injuries happen because children try to do tricks on the trampoline that they might have seen on youtube or that their friends tell them about.