If you are a parent, keeping your children safe is a priority in your life. There are many ways in which you can childproof your home, if you have young children or toddlers.
Here are a few, inexpensive suggestions.
Corner bumpers – These are especially important if you have a fireplace hearth that can be a danger in a fall.
Safety latches – Any cabinets that contain sharp knives, tools or chemicals should be latched to prevent children from reaching their content.
Safety gates – If there are any stairs in your house, safety gates are a must. Be careful that they are installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
Outlet covers – Make sure these can’t easily be removed by children.
Lock doors – Any areas that are unsafe for unsupervised children should be behind a locked door. This includes swimming pools.
Looking over your home, consider where your child might be in danger. This will ensure that you can feel better about their safety.

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