When it comes to home safety, few things are more important than sweeping your chimney. Chimney fires are dangerous, expensive, and hard to control. So the best way to prevent a chimney fire is to sweep your chimney regularly (or hire a professional).

So how do you sweep your chimney? Here are a few steps:

1: Be sure you are safe an secure on the roof and there is no chance of falling.

2: Make sure your brush is appropriately sized (ie if it is an 8 inch square chimney opening, then you should have an 8 inch square wire brush).

3: After removing the flue cap, run the brush up and down the chimney until there is nor creosote left.

And that is it. As another tip, be sure to seal off the bottom at your fireplace to make sure no soot ends up inside of your home – we all know how messy that stuff can be.

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