In many houses, especially older ones, there never seems to be enough power outlets. The obvious solution to this is to plug in a power strip, and all of a sudden your 2 outlets turn into 6, or 8, or 16! But when you are doing this, you are all of a sudden creating a new, and much more dangerous problem. When you are using a power strip the wrong way, this could pose a fire hazard.

What should you consider to make sure this doesn’t happen to you?

First, a power strip is not meant to supply power to any type of major appliance. Do not connect a stove, fridge, air-conditioner or anything similar to a power-strip. If there is no way to connect it directly to a wall receptacle, you need to contact an electrician to ensure that the proper wiring is installed for your appliance.

Another danger that you want to avoid is to daisy-chain power-strips. This could easily lead to them being overloaded and possibly start a fire.

Don’t run the cord for the power-strip under carpets, and don’t connect it on the end of an extension cord.

If you pay attention to these points, you can confidently use power-strips to make your life more convenient.

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