Backflow is not a word we generally use every day, in fact it is probably not something you have really thought about before. But it can be a real issue in a home.

Backflow is a potential issue in a water system because contaminated water can come back into a water distribution system – and this can be a major health concern.

For example, backflow at a water supply line can occur in many circumstances, and cause bacteria and other pollutants to be pushed into a clean water supply.

Back-pressure is an example of what happens. When down stream pressure is stronger than the upstream pressure – you get bad water being pushed into your clean water.

So what can you do to prevent this serious issue from happening? A simple fix is having backflow preventers installed in your plumbing system. These simple sixes do not allow any contaminated water back in. They are like a one-way door – they only go out.


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