Trees have a lot of benefits to you as a homeowner since they provide shade and add character to your garden. However, we sometimes forget that their roots could significantly affect the foundation of your home. There might be ways to stop roots from reaching your space. It would still be best to plan before you even plant one and find out if it will have invasive roots or not.
Good choices for the yard
Your location is still a significant factor that affects what type of trees to choose. However, the main point is to find one that grows non-invasive roots. For North Americans, crabapple is a good choice. Once this 20 feet tree reaches maturity, the roots will stop growing. The next good option is a Japanese maple ideal for the front yard, near the patio or the curbside. Same as a crabapple, its roots are non-invasive.
Trees to Avoid
We have other factors to consider when choosing a tree besides aesthetics. We have to think about its size, maintenance, and root growth. One tree to avoid is a White ash tree because there’s a possibility that its roots will invade your space quickly since it grows fast.
You should also avoid Poplar trees because, despite their beauty, it grows fast and could even cause severe damage to your foundation and sewer system.
Another tip to protect your foundation is to plant your trees at least 50 feet away. Having a tree removed in your yard is a bit expensive, so it is usually best to plan ahead and keep trees away from your foundation.

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